Multiple instances of Directory Opus (with SuRun)

Is there any way to start multiple instances of Directory Opus?

I'm using a Limited User Account (LUA) together with SuRun to get elevated admin rights when needed. The problem is that when running a normal rights Opus and then needing elevated rights and surunning Opus, it just opens another window in the normal rights instance, instead of a new instance with admin rights. Is there any way to force it to start a new instance?

No, and you should not run Opus elevated at all because it breaks interactions between Opus and non-elevated programs.

Opus has its own UAC support, including the optional Admin Mode where, with a single UAC prompt, you can elevate an Opus window so that everything run in it is then elevated without further prompting.

See the FAQ: Why NOT to run Opus as Administrator in Vista / Windows 7.

And what about my Win XP system with the said setup?

As for Win 7, I'm using SuRun and not UAC for a reason. Nor would I care about any of the minor details mentioned in the link. Since it's a temporary instance, and another normal one would be running still.

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It's the same as any other app that ensures there is only a single instance of its process (per desktop): If you want to run the whole thing as admin you have to exit it completely and run that as admin.

Going back to the original question, no there's no way to run multiple instances (on a single desktop; i.e. ignoring Terminal Services etc.). A single instance handles all windows and if another instance is run it just tells the original instance to open another window.