Multiple lister issues

Please see the following video for three issues I'm having, location of FTP, automatic lister closing, crashing on loading of layout:

Q1: Use FTP: Add to/Edit Addressbook
Q2/Q3: not sure what you mean

Here goes:

Please Ask one question per thread and describe things in text form.

Videos are great as supplemental information but not as the primary source. We aren't always able to view them (so responses will take longer), they take longer than text (particularly when needing to go back and check details), and they break the ability to search the forum.

The video is only about 40 seconds long, and I have to give you a video to show you how the application is breaking.

It's really just at about .10 of the video, you can see the application crash. If you go 10 seconds in and watch the video for about seven seconds you will see the crash. That will greatly increase your comprehension as well as prove that the thing is buggy.

The next time it hangs like that please follow the instructions at Crash dumps for bug reports for manual crash reports to take a dump file of the hung process, and send it to us for analysis.

Okay, I think I do need to do a manual crash dump, because the automatic one is not working, but in the meantime please take a look at the below two screen captures, it looks to me like there is an interference with something called "setpoint.exe", this is a driver that runs a Kensington trackball.