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Multiple monitors, starting position of the Dopus window



If you have more than one monitor, can you let the Dopus appear on the specified monitor when it starts?


Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Always in the same position is probably what you want, if you're opening the default lister.

If that is turned on, it will open in the place the lister was when you use Settings > Set as Default Lister (or when you last closed a lister, if the option to automatically update the default lister is turned on).

Can I do these things in DOpus with a dual monitor setup?

Can i add a command-line switch and parameters to control it?
Example: Dopus.exe /point x:0 y:0 monitor:0

dopusrt.exe /cmd Go NEW 100,100

Set the coordinates so they are on the monitor you want.


You can store the monitor in a Layout and launch it at startup. This is my setup: