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Multiple opened tab groups

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to have multiple opened tab groups?
I already have multiple tab groups. One per customer. But when I switch from one to the other then I lose what I'm doing. So I open multiple Dopus sessions, but then I lose focus on what is where (so many opened sessions).
I'd like to see something like extra (group) tabs under the tab row of a showed group. But it then must NOT behave like the shortcut list to open a group because it replaces the currently opened tab group. It must open like a new 'session' of tabs keeping all current settings of the opened tab groups.
Do you understand?
kind regards,

When opening a tab group, you can choose whether or not to close the existing tabs, if that would help. When not closing existing tabs, the new group's tabs are added on the right of the existing ones.

Assigning colors to each group can help tell one group's tabs from another, too.

Yes I know thank you. That is still not easy for working on different customers/projects concurrently, that would only make the open tabs grow nasty large.
Look at or to get an idea. In there I can make a customer specific setup. But I really only need it for directory opus to get a boost in organization.

There is an option to autosave the current tab group before loading another, if that is the problem.

Ok, Then can all Group possibilities be shown Always (somewhere on the screen) without opening a list with right click and aslo see what group is opened *(like now this is bold in the action list)?

Yes, make a toolbar button which runs Go TABGROUPLIST=savecurrent and it will show a list of all tab groups, and save the current group (if any) any time you change to a new group using the list it generates.

Note that it won't save the group when you close the window or exit the program (without loading another group first). That would require some extra scripting, but can be done as well if needed.