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Multiple panes for Dopus 12?


I first started using Dopus ten years ago, and recall at that time I had 4 panes within a layout. Currently with Dopus 12, I can only select dual pane layout (dual vertical, or dual horizontal).

Is there any way to get the equivalent of 4 panes (whether we call them listers or folder displays) with one Dopus instance? And is a Dopus instance a lister or a layout? In the old days, I recall it was termed a lister.


PS. Yes, I did a search before I posted and the only results returned were those dated 2008 or earlier.


You've never been able to have more than two file displays visible at the same time in a single window.

You can have multiple windows side by side, with one or two file displays per window, and save them as a Layout which can then be recreated by loading the layout whenever you need it.

(Folder tabs also let you have more than two file displays per window, but not all visible at once.)


Thanks for your timely response. How do I setup a Layout? I would expect to see this option under [File][New Layout]. All I see is [File][New Lister]. I am using the 60-day trial of Dopus 12.9 Pro Edition.



See Layouts in the manual to get started.


I know Q-dirs have 4 panes, if DO support this feature must be good


Ok, so I found the 'Save All Listers' option which does what I need, but not entirely intuitive. At first glance, your impression is that it does just what it says.. saves all the listers, not just the one with the current mouse focus. But no, it does something else. It saves all the open listers under a single layout [to be opened together later with one click]. 'Save ALL As One..' would have been more helpful.

Then there is the opening of the new combined lister. There isn't a command or option to do that. Not a [File][Open]. Not a [Settings][Lister Layouts][Open]. No, the only way to open your new layout is to find it in a recents list, which quickly grew to 3 entries (the third being a grouping - or 'combination' - of the previous two). I suppose you could use Agent Ransack or some other file search tool to crawl your PC for the location Dopus stores these layouts, but that shouldn't be necessary for a tool of this age and maturity.

Let me see if this fixes my problem. Maybe there's a new paradym in software design that I've missed since my last DO experience. Note that I came back in 2015 and don't recall having these issues.



Oh no, another con. I do get both listers to come up with one click, but now I have to deal with two clicks every time I want both listers in focus for drag and drop -- one click to bring the first lister into focus, another to bring the second one into focus. Not only an additional click, but I have to guess which lister of the two (on the taskbar) is the one I haven't yet clicked). And I have an additional mouse travel motion (and time) to get to the taskbar and back. That's not exactly a 4 pane solution. And I know for a fact I never had to do that in 2008, nor 2015.