Multiple patterns in Folder Options Hide Filter?

I want to hide two kinds of subfolders from being displayed while browsing my C:\Windows folder. I tried setting up a Hide Filter but I can't get it to hide both kinds of subfolders:

  1. Any folder that starts with a dollar sign ($) character
  2. Any folder with a .tmp extension

What is the proper syntax for multiple conditions (or is it even possible)? I don't see anything in the help or forum about this. I've tried unsuccessfully using the vertical bar like this:

You need to put brackets around an or | pattern:


Thanks, Nudel! The PARENTHESES worked (FYI: brackets are square [ ]).
Your example is just what I needed.

Just one other issue: Now the lister doesn't show those subfolders but they still appear on the folder tree on the left. Any way to get rid of them there?


3 a : one of a pair of marks used in writing and printing to enclose matter or in mathematics and logic as signs of aggregation -- called also square bracket b : one of the pair of marks < > used to enclose matter -- called also angle bracket c : PARENTHESIS 3 d : BRACE 5b


Short of closing the tree (heh), I don't think there is at the moment. Sorry. :frowning: