Multiple section in dialog listbox

Hi All,

I created a new dialog under DO12, cleverly using the multiple selection option in the list box.

I populated the list box, and can select one or more entries, but thats where it falls apart.

The API doesn't seem to support pre-selecting entries, or retrieving the list of selected items.

control.SelectItem(n) doesn't work (it works in single select mode) and I can't find an API for retrieving more than one selection.

Even in detached mode, monitoring the messages, you can see the selection move around, but its impossible to tell if the user was selecting or DE-selecting a row in the list box, not to mention drag-select, so I can't build a consistent view of what is active.

Have I missed something? Does a multiselect list box need a different API?


No you didn't miss something, it looks like we did :slight_smile:

In the redesign to the script control interface during the beta period (in response to some vociferous user feedback) it looks like we omitted to include support for the multiple selection listboxes.

We'll try and get this into the next update.