Multiple select mouse problems

My apologies if this is elsewhere, but I am also having difficulties with the search engine.

I seem to be using Opus 8 normally, when for some reason the 'selection mode' changes.

Opus usually has the standard windows selection method using the LMB with various combinations of Shift and Control. This is what usually happens in my case until things go wrong

For no apparent reason, the LMB suddenly swaps to toggling the current file, with Shift and Control having no effect.
I cannot drag and drop files either since the LMB only toggles them.

This has happened many times in the last few days, although I have not added any software to the system.

The only way to stop it is to close the lister, open a new lister and navigate back to the folder that I was working on, where everthing is working fine again.

I cannot deliberately reproduce this behaviour and was wondering if I have been accidently clicking on some keyboard shortcut combination?

Many thanks for any suggestions


Sounds like Opus is switching between Details mode and Power mode or, more likely, between namespaces provided by Explorer (e.g. My Computer, Desktop) and normal folders browsed by Opus's internal list control.

You can either set Opus to use Details mode by default (via the default lister settings, and also check you haven't got any saved folder formats which specify Power mode) or you can configure power mode to use a different selection system in Preferences, Listers, Power/Details Mode.

If you're used to the Windows way of doing things I'd suggest using Details mode, although Power mode does let you configure a few more things. (I use Details mode myself, but I know some of the other guys around here prefer Power mode. Pick the one you like the best.)