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Is their a way to save a favorite multiple listed tab view so when it closes, it just opens up that same by default? See attached for reference.

To save it as the new default, select Settings > Set as Default Lister. After that, new windows which you open will use the tabs you saved.

(You may be asked if you want to turn off saving the default lister each time a window is closed. You probably want to turn that off so your tabs aren't overwritten by accident.)

You can also save the tabs as a Folder Tab Group, which lets you recall multiple tabs at once from a list of Tab Groups. Similar to how Favorites work for a single folder, except each item in the list opens multiple tabs. Right-click a tab and you should see the options for loading and saving Tab Groups. You can also view and edit the groups via Preferences / Folder Tabs / Tab Groups.

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Thank you!

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One more question. Is their a way to organize the Quick Access pins on the left side alphabetically? When I try to drag and move, it doesn't do anything.

The Quick Access items can only be moved around in File Explorer, but if you move them there it should also be reflected in Opus after a few seconds.

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