Multiple Tag Search

I have a button that searches for a particular tag based on user input:

Find QUERY tags:"{dlgstring|Enter tag to search for}"

So, for example, I could search a folder for files tagged "Family"

I would like to expand the functionality to include multiple tags. For example, I would want to search for files tagged as "Family" and "Friends"

How could I do this?

I think the Windows Search query syntax would be:

tags:"Family" AND tags:"Friends"

(Maybe there are other ways to do the same thing, but finding complete documentation rather than different handfuls of examples on Windows Search seems to be impossible.)

To generate that query from a single dlgstring prompt, you'll probably need either a script (to take an input like "Family,Friends" or "Family and Friends" and turn it into the right query) or to make the dlgstring take the whole query string (so you'd have to type "tags:Family AND tags:Friends" into the prompt; but then you might as well use the normal search field).

Thanks Leo!