Multiple Windows Open

I just installed 10.5 and when I open Opus from the taskbar a second instance of Opus also opens/appears on the taskbar. The more I click on the main icon the more instances I get of Opus opening up. How do I make Opus open in the same window as the main taskbar icon?

I was able to do this in v9, but can't figure out how to do so in v10. Using Win7 32 bit.

Thank you.

Unpin the old icon for Opus on the taskbar, then pin the new one. That should fix it.

It worked! Thanks for the solution as well as the quick response. Love my Opus, though I still don't quite understand the Lister concept. In every other way, however, it excels as a file manager. I've tried multiple free ones and keep paying for the usefulness of Opus.

"Lister" is just the name of the main window. ... Lister.htm