MultiView - changining associated file extensions

How do I change the extensions associated with MultiView? For instance, I would like to take off .swf in MultiView so that swf files open in ActiveX plugin.

On my machine i canĀ“t configure the Multiview, due to the missing stellant viewer files (see [, but you can add .swf to the ActiveX section in the ActiveX/Preview/Office/Web plugin (chose "configure").

At the moment the MultiView plugin will try to handle every file that is passed to it and only skip files it doesn't think it can view.

However, so long as the ActiveX plugin is above MultiView in the list of plugins in the Preferences window, the ActiveX plugin should get a chance to view the .swf files first.

.swf is in the ActiveX plugin's configuration by default so you shouldn't have to add it (unless you removed it at some point). Just make sure it's above MultiView in the list.

For some reason DOpus started to crash when I was using ActiveX plugin for Microsoft Office files. That's why I moved MultiView plugin above ActiveX plugin so that it would overtake ActiveX. The only problem was that MultiView also became the main plugin for SWF files but it wasn't previewing them correctly.
At the end I just moved ActiveX plugin above MultiView and took off all Microsoft Office formats in ActiveX.
So far it seems to be fine.