Music Content Type on Find results

If you search for MP3's and show the results in a lister then change the content type to Music it does nothing.

Anybody at least know a work around for this?

Works for me:)

I set the Find output to 'Show Results in Lister' then do the find then I changed the Content Type from the right hand button on the status bar to Music and the display changes to reflect the values set in the default music formats in Preferences. I see file details plus Artist, Album, Year, Track, Duration etc..

Check what you have set for the Music Category in Folders - Folder Options - Content Type - Music (and that is is enabled). Reset it if it is not correct.


How annoying. It's made a liar out of me. I searched for some MP3's that had to replace and included the date they were modified. I needed to arrange them by album and when I select category music it showed the ID3 fields but it didn't fill them in. I know this happens slowly, but it didn't happen at all.

Anyway, I can't reproduce the problem now so I guess it was just a freak case. Thanks for replying.