Music File Type Groups Do Not Display Configured Info Tip

I have uninstalled dbpoweramp, because I am seeing that Directory Opus may be configured to display tooltip info from tags for audio files. I have configured the music file group with the following settings:

My media file is M4A, and the Dopus metadata view shows information from the tags:

When I mouse over my file in question, I do not see the expected tag information:

Why am I able to see tag info within the metadata panel but not from the tool tip? It seems to be an M4A file specific issue. When I view this same file's properties from Windows' property view, I do see tag content:

Attached is my example file for investigation:


Not in front of the computer at the moment but have you added .m4a to your music file group?

It is there by default.

Check if the .m4a file type has its own Info Tip. (If it does, it will override the one set for the Music file type group.)

It's also possible the extension has been assigned to more than one file type group (although unlikely).

Zero extensions have been configured. Only the music group:

Please check the M4A example file I uploaded. Windows supports its tags, but Directory Opus does not. Even the metadata view only shows some of the tag info and not all.

Here is the display of information from the latest version of the freely available Mediainfo:

Incidentally, Mediainfo is 100% open source, so you are able to download the complete source code to see how the developer interprets the Apple tag information. Apple's tag format is binary atoms.

Turns out it was something about the file our parsing code didn't expect.

We'll have a fix in the next beta.

Awesome and thank you for removing that example file.
i was about to do that myself...

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