Music swap arround

Hi Fellow Hunters,

I am looking for Three buttons to do the following

Button 1.Swap arround (-)

13. Everlasting Love - Love Affair.mp3

13. Love Affair - Everlasting Love.mp3

Button 2. Can I also have one that will remove the numbers

13. Love Affair - Everlasting Love.mp3

Love Affair - Everlasting Love.mp3

Button 3. Remove brackets but not the content

13. Love Affair - Everlasting (Love).mp3
13. Love Affair - Everlasting Love.mp3

Any help please - About to start a major cleanup of all my music.

Thank you for any help :thumbsup:

For request one I would also like to know, I couldnt get it done using RegEx (but I am a novice at regex anyway, I do think it is possible).
For two and three there are many examples already submitted to the rename sub-forum; one for instance I remember will let you delete n letters from start or end of file name and you can specify how much n would be.

I got number one: if it is the same file type, you can use a regular expression like this:
(Example mp3 file)
Old name: (.+) - (.+).mp3
New name: \2 - \1.mp3

Thanks for responding - I still have a problem with the file number as that also changes but needs to stay in place.


  1. 10CC - I'm Not In Love.mp3

I'm Not In Love - 01. 10CC .mp3

Just need that sorted if possible, please.

Thanks :thumbsup:

Also sometimes the number is followed by . other times with a -
Example :


With the brackets I can only find one that removes the bracket and its content, I would like the content to remain.

Anyone please?

Here's one that will work for your stated needs. It only looks for parenthesis at the end of second portion, exactly as the problem states. Creating a more general, workable solution would be better handled with a small script.

Use RE mode in Rename to test:

Old name: ^(\d+ ?[-.]\s*)?(.) - (.?)(?:((.)))?.(.)$
New name: \1 === \2 === \3 === \4 === \5

I've set the New name so that you can see which components are placed inside the captures, and thus, you can use this same expression (Old name) in each button, and just use the captures to reassemble as desired.

Thank you, will try this tomorrow.

Thanks from me as well, I will take a close look at this expression, it is very useful!