Mutliple Problems With New Version 12

I've been using Version 9 for years and decided to upgrade. Now I'm wishing I hadn't.
Maybe I just need to get more accustomed to V12, but these are my issues currently:

  1. I have a style set up where the top display is a local drive and the bottom is my FTP site. Many times, but not always, it asks for a password for the FTP site. When I type in the correct password, it asks for it again. Then sometimes I click on another style and go back, and the FTP site is displayed.

  2. Clicking on a style resets the Lister menu section so that some of the menu items get cut off. I have it on the same level as the toolbar, which gets set back to the left to cut off the menu choices.

  3. Tabs on the Style bar get cut off by the Path bar when I click on a style tab.

These things happen whether or not the toolbars are locked.

  1. Try re-saving the style after connecting successfully.

2 & 3) Could you post screenshots so we can see what you mean?

  1. Yes I tried re-saving the style.

  2. First image - after moving toolbar so that Lister menu shows all items
    Second image - after clicking on one of the Style tabs. Lister gets cut off

  1. Third image - after moving pathbar so that all styles are visible
    Fourth image - after clicking on one of the Style tabs, some tabs get cut off

Any update on this? I tried exporting/importing the settings from my laptop which still has V9 (and does not have this behavior) and it made no difference.

This is critical for me. If this is a bug or a "feature" that can not be changed then I will go back to V9. Can I get a refund if that is the case?

Please be patient with replies. It had only been a few hours, most of which were overnight. Also, if you ask one question per thread it helps us reply quicker to the parts we can reply to faster and keeps things better organised for others with similar questions.

For the toolbars, after making the change, you should use Settings > Toolbars > Set As Default Toolbar Set to save the layout as the new default. That will probably stop them changing when a new style is selected.

Ok thanks. I'll try that later when I get back home.

(Do you think it fair that Leo should have to wait until you get home to know if his suggestion worked)?

Well I didn't bring my jet pack with me today and since I'm over an hour from home at a customer site, there is not much I can do about it. :open_mouth:

Leo your suggestion worked. Thanks.