Mutliple selections of movies only opens one

G'day guys,

When I select multiple movie files in windows explorer, and hit ENTER, they all queue in Windows Media Player and the first one starts playing. However when doing the same with D-Opus, only the first movie file is queued and starts playing. This functionality does work for other file types - selecting multiple images for example and hitting ENTER will open as many instances of IrfanView, my image viewer, as there were images.

Can someone point me in the direction of the option I need to set to get movie files to behave this way?


The movie plugin doesn't support playlist functionality currently, sorry.

Hmmm... but is he saying only the first file is opening in WMP and NOT in the Opus movie plug-in?

Citizen, you're not using 'Power Mode' in Opus are you?


No, I was in Details, not Power mode.

What happens if you select the files, then right-click them and choose the appropriate action? If that works the same in Opus & Explorer then we know it's something specific to double-clicking and/or default actions.


Right clicking, and then choosing the default "Play" option from the context menu produces the same result - only first file loaded. There is however an "Add To Now Playing List" option which does the job and adds all the selected files.

I'm having a little trouble though locating the option in DOpus to make this the default action.

Open the Opus File Types editor, find the relevant type(s) in the System Types section of the list, edit it and select an action, then click Set as Default.