My find presets appear to be gone since upgrading to v13

Hi team!

I just upgraded to v13.1 and I've noticed that my find presets are all gone. I'm not sure if this is because the structure of the file search is different, but is there any way for me to at least view the saved presets I had in the previous version so I can rebuild them for v13?



You're probably thinking of Filters, which the Find Panel can use. Those are still there, but not in Presets menu. (Find Presets didn't exist before version 13, and contain the settings for the whole panel, not just the filter part.)

In the Find panel, turn on the Advanced Mode checkbox at the top, and you'll see the same filter control Opus 12 had (with a few small changes). Click the filter name to see the list of saved filters you're expecting.

Note that I am not clicking the "Presets" menu above the filter name. It's easy to confuse the two as they look similar, but contain different things.

This was it - I couldn't remember the correct term. My filters are still there post-upgrade. Thanks as always for the quick response!

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