My mouse has gone crazy!

My mouse has started to behave erratic since I installed dopus. When I make single clicks, the computer sometimes reacts as if it were a double click. It happens not only in dopus, but in all programs! Selecting text has become near impossible. Scrolling is difficult and if I'm moving a file, it's being executed instead.

I'm not sure if dopus is the cause of this, because after uninstalling it, the problem still persists... maybe it's done permanent damage to my system. Or it could be another program causing the trouble. Any tips are greatly appreciated.

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I can't see any way that Opus would cause this. It has no interaction with the mouse driver (except as a recipient of mouse events like any other program).

Have you checked your mouse control panel settings? Maybe the button configuration has changed.

The problem has been fixed. I cleaned the contacts on the microswitch in the mouse, and all is back to normal. Dopus has been reinstalled and there are no problems. :smiley:

Dear Professor Leo,

I've been away for a few weeks and I notice that my swimming pool has turned Green. Green! Now I'm not sure if Opus caused this but it seems likely to me:( It hadn't done this before I instaleld the new version of Opus! With version it was fine! It's just with that it has gone Green. I've uninstaleld but it's still Green. This never happend when I used Powerdesk!

What can I do?


Hi Greg, I was hesitant to bring this up seeing as how Opus has worked so well for me in past versions, but I too have noticed strange behavior after installing

My son is wetting his sheets at night MUCH more frequently. To test, I uninstalled and reinstalled last night and the problem went away... though he did crap his diaper unusually early this morning - but it may have been an isolated incident. I will try installing tonight to see if I can narrow down the problem.

What else can I do?

@newboy - all in good fun :slight_smile:

That's weird - it doesn't do that here.

In fact the only other report I've had of this is from the makers of other file managers!


Ah yes! You were right to bring this to our attention. I think we know the specific problem. We saw this very early in the development of Opus many years ago. Jon became quite disorientated at times testing this one. But you must remember that Opus is clearly marked FEYO: For External Use Only. If, in emergencies, it must be taken orally then, very importantly, this must be done in conjunction with the administration of aged South Australian Shiraz at a dosage between 8.8ml/Kg and 13.25ml/Kg in 250 ml doses. (Care: Don't exceed 14 ml/Kg.)

Actualy, we experimented with some other liquids made from the fermentation of the grape such as Pinot and Sangiovese but these proved unreliable in action. Try an Adelaide Hills Shiraz and see if this solves the problem.

In the case of my report, we have thought of it but, unfortunately, replacing the green fluid in the pool with SA Shiraz is not really feasible at this time, especially before Christmas.

It happened before .
You inadvertently triggered it when you installed .
It's a deep registry improvement that once activated remains there.


I'm working on the mystery and have made some progress.
It may collapse into something good soon.

:opussanta: porcupine
( Lake Superior US side. Canada is much more rugged ! )

Well Greg, I'm simply flummoxed :confused:. I've reinstalled and lo and behold... the kid has now changed his OWN diaper, prepared his last bottle for the night, burped and tucked himself away! Now... it might just be a random manifestation of my cosmic string theory (also known to inexplicably oxidize contact leads inside small electronic devices after installing software updates) but if not, please bring this functionality back in a post release... I'd submit a bug report of my previously stated problem, but the attachments might get a tad messy :frowning:.

I'll keep the advice on the Shiraz administration in reserve in case of a recurrence of the problem... thanks!