Mysterious reappearing of empty folder

Hello everyone,

Every time I completely close out and go back into Dopus, then into a specific dual lister, an empty folder reappears (an actual folder that was moved a couple of months ago along with its contents). Can someone tell me how to resolve this strange occurance. It isn't affecting anything I do, I just delete it and it won't come back until I completely close out of Dopus, for example, like rebooting my computer, then go back into Dopus and then load that particular dual lister. Is there a cache folder that needs to be cleared out?

As usual, I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

When you say you're loading a particular dual lister, do you mean a layout?

Is the layout pointing to the folder which was no longer there?

That won't re-create the folder, but it might open an Opus window or folder tab pointing to it. Just close that and re-save the layout so it stops loading it.

Hi Leo,

It is a saved layout and I did delete the zzz photos tab and recreated it and the empty folder still appears:

Normally you would just need to close the unwanted tab, then use Settings > Lister Layouts > Save This Lister to save the new layout.

If you're still having problems:

[ul][li]How are you opening the layout?
[li]How did you save the layout after removing the tab?[/li][/ul]

(Please give exact steps for both. e.g. What you click on, and if it's a custom button the command(s) it runs.)


I'm not sure this helps but I was experiencing a similar thing that I later discovered was caused by Acronis Backup. It kept adding back empty folders that used to contain backup.tib files that I previously deleted.


It would be very strange if Acronis Backup was modifying the saved layouts in your Opus configuration (other than by restoring a backup of them, of course). Those are config files only Opus knows or cares about.

Acronis Backup may cause folder tabs to open via other actions (e.g. just launching a folder, and Opus is configured to open launched folders in new tabs). But I believe we are talking about loading layouts in this thread (although that may be a misunderstanding, which is why I've asked the extra questions above).

No, I didn't mean it imply it was DOpus that was creating the empty folders, but at first I thought it was. What I thought was DOpus turned out to be Acronis. I thought Leonard might be experiencing something similar to what I as experiencing. Not necessarily by Acronis but perhaps another application.


Looking at LeonardB's screenshot more closely than I did before, the "zzz Photos" folder tab isn't showing an empty folder. The folder has a child folder called "Cancoun. (19 Photos)"

I'm not really sure what this thread is about any more.

LeonardB: Maybe we should start from the start with a description of exactly what is being done, and what is happening, vs what is expected to happen.

I'm sorry Leo for the confusion and my incorrect use of terminology. It is the empty child folder, "Cancoun (19 Photos)" that keeps reappearing within "zzz Photos". I deleted the "zzz Photos" tab from the layout, saved the layout and rebooted the PC. Then put the "zzz Photos" tab back within that same layout, saved the layout and rebooted my PC again. When I did this, the child folder re-appeared again (screenshot above). Hope that makes more sense. I know it sounds weird. :slight_smile:

I doubt that Opus is making that folder. You'll see it if you reboot and open Explorer instead.

OMG Leo, you're right that child folder does appear in Explorer. I never thought to check that out first. I apologize for the time you've taken to help resolve this issue only to figure out it has nothing to do with Dopus. It is a network drive so it may have something to do with that instead.

Thank you.