Mysterious wrong string in Polish translation

There is a string in Polish translation:
"W stałej pozycji w stosunku do monitora mysz jest na"

It's rubbish, looks like automatic translation (for which Polish is definitely too hard).
Where does it come from???

The correct string:
W stałej pozycji na monitorze, na którym jest wskaźnik myszy

Can you fix that yourself next time you update the Polish language DLL, or is there an extra problem?

Yes, there's probably an extra problem. I guess it's also wrong for other languages (at least for Dutch and German and French, I think).
It looks like automatic translation (??)

Dialog 6028 / number 9385 / id 2157:

In een vaste positie ten opzichte van het beeldscherm van de muis op

In einer festen Position relativ zu dem Monitor die Maus auf

Dans une position fixe par rapport à l'écran la souris est le

Ask Leo - the original string in English is a bit hard to understand too :slight_smile:

The option is described in detail here: ... Lister.htm

(The automatic translations weren't by me so I'm not sure about them. I just renamed the option in the English version. It used to be called something pretty meaningless, like "Default Behaviour." Now it tries to describe what it actually does, and while Jon criticises my wording he couldn't think of a better wording and thus can shut up. :slight_smile: I also wrote the documentation on what it (and the other options on that page) all do in detail for the latest help-file update. Before there was no way anyone could really know what the option did as the name in Preferences and the docs for it were so vague. In fact, the docs were flat-out wrong until now.)

Not sure what happened to this string. But thanks folks for the translation updates. I'll fix these in the next release.

Any more changes?

[ps: from Leo's clarifying description, sounds like maybe it was, in fact, translated correctly! :slight_smile: ]

Sure it can be fixed in the next update. Also English wording is OK.

I'm rather curious how the Polish string has got there.

It's not the first time I see something like automatic translation in DO dll. They are always s***, and very hard to spot in this bunch of strings. Even worse, it happens that some already translated strings are changed.

Chiming in a little late, I know, but the same string in the Hungarian translation is also ridiculously shite, and certainly the result of some Google or Microsoft (or similar) auto-translation.

Could this (web-based automatic translation) be a new feature in the translation tool that accidentally kicked in after Leo changed the original? I think it is much, much better for us translators to see the previous version in such cases instead of any attempt at machine translation. Hope you guys agree.