Named Filter Menu

2022 update -- A new, re-written version is here:

Named Filter Menu Dialog

This is a new take on something that has been shared a couple of times before. Its main purpose is to provide a convenient way to access saved named filters combined with some useful companion Select options.

You can easily apply multiple filters in sequence, including ad-hoc simple or advanced filters, and you can choose to replace or add to existing selections.

Installation and Execution

  1. Download the attached zip file and extract filtermenu.js (the script).
  2. Save the script in your Script Addins folder. (easy access via /scripts alias)
  3. Execute the command filtermenu from a button or a hotkey or an instant command. (2.2 KB)

How Does It Work?

Hopefully self evident from the screen grabs. By default, the Edit Filters and Refresh List buttons are hidden. If you are comfortable about creating / editing / deleting filters whilst the dialog is active you can switch the buttons on by setting the edit_button option to true in the script configuration. Settings --> Preferences --> Toolbars --> Scripts --> filtermenu. The first grab is the way things look with the edit buttons hidden and the second grab with them displayed.


Thanks. New Dopus require 10 digit password, how annoying.

Anyway can you share those Filter as well? It blank upon installation. Be good if there some filter that is readily to use rather than start from scratch.


What do you mean? What's asking you for a 10 digit password, when?

why do I get the following error when I attempted to follow the above directions:
Microsoft JScript compilation error

When does that happen? During step 2 or 3?

Could you paste a screenshot of the full error message / log window for the error?

Actually I think it is because I'm a newbe in setting up scripts. I've managed to set up a script button with the filtermenu.js file. When I click on it, nothing seems to happen. I'm still not sure I'm doing it correctly. Thank you for the prompt reply.

In this case, the script file/code does not go in a button.

Here's what to do:

  1. Drag the filtermenu.js file to the list in Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts.

    (Or you can copy the file to the /scripts folder, which does the same thing.)

    (The script add-in will now be installed. The add-in makes a new filtermenu command available for use in buttons, hotkeys, etc..)

  2. Now, create a button which runs the filtermenu command.

Thank you. It works perfectly.

Super cool script... thanks for sharing!:slight_smile: