Navigate directly to file

I could have sworn that in version 9, I could paste the full path of a file (including filename) into the location/path bar and Dopus would navigate to and select the file. However in version 10, I get:
"An error occurred reading folder: The directory name is in valid. (267)."

How can I do this in version 10?

That still works in Opus 10.

Check the path is correct and doesn't have any extra quotes or spaces at the start or end, maybe.

Doesn't work for me. Maybe I'm pasting it in the wrong place. The path has no quotes or spaces. The message box that is presented to me also has 3 buttons: Retry, Parent, Abort. If I click on Parent, it shows me the parent folder where the document is. So Dopus thinks my file is supposed to be a folder which it isn't. Maybe there's a setting that needs to be toggled.

Can you post a screenshot of what you're doing?

Isn't this the same. Try the newest beta.

Yes, that looks like the exact same problem I'm having.

That's fixed in, which you can grab via the link in my signature.

Sorry for not remembering it or thinking of UNC paths earlier. Thanks xbprm!