Navigate from fisical folder to virtual folder using up

Hi. Is it possible to navigate from a fisical folder (i.e. c:\documents and settings...\desktop\stuff being focus on the Opus folder tree on \Desktop\stuff) to the upper virtual folder \Desktop without the folder tree focusing on [b]c:\documents and settings...\desktop[/b] and instead focusing on the virtual folder \Desktop.


You can either type /desktop without the quotes into the address/location bar or create a button on your toolbar that does a Go /desktop command...

Maybe Opus should have an option* to do this automatically when you parent up from a subdirectory of the desktop.

(*I'd turn it off since I prefer to see the real folder for my account, but I can see how other people would want to see the virtual folder.)

From steje[quote]You can either type /desktop without the quotes into the address/location bar or create a button on your toolbar that does a Go /desktop command...[/quote]

Thank you for your reply. However that would be only a partial solution, for the problem goes further. Consider i wanted to go from c:\Documents and settings...\desktop\stuff1\stuff2 being focused on the virtual folder \Desktop\Stuff1\Stuff2 to [b]c:\Documents and settings...\desktop\stuff1[/b] but having the directory tree focus on [b]\Desktop\Stuff1[/b] using the "go UP" command. Or supose i was on [b] \Desktop\Stuff1[/b] and i simply doubleclicked on the file display on Stuff2 that would automatically focus the folder tree on [b]c:\Documents and settings...\desktop\stuff1[/b] instead of the desired \Desktop\Stuff1\Stuff2.

So the question is if there is like a Virtual Folder Priority Navigation System, or some way that i could manage to do this. And if i cant it would be something to put on my Feature Request wishlist :smiley:

I don't think there's anything to handle this now, so it's definitely a feature request.

From steje

By the way I've tried this and it also focused on c:\Documents and settings...\Desktop instead of \Desktop

Strange. Go /desktop always moves the tree to Desktop (not Documents and Settings...) here.

What happens if you parent up from My Computer?

What have you selected for Preferences / Listers / Folder Tree: Start Folder Tree at...?

Hi nudel.
My preferences are the following: Preferences / Lister / Folder tree / Start folder tree at > Desktop
If i parent from My Computer it leads to \Desktop.

I think its because I use windows in spanish, opus in english, and my desktop root is C:\Documents and settings[i]Username[/i]\Escritorio (escritorio is desktop in spanish).

If i type Escritorio in the Location toolbar it goes to \Desktop, but if i create a button with the "go /Escritorio" command Opus tries (i know because i get an error dialog) to go to c:\escritorio which doesnt exist. The solution would be to create a command that lead to \Escritorio. If i installed the spanish language pack would it work? Do the language pack translate only the interface or also the commands (the commands that admit being translated).

I'm not sure to be honest. But if neither /desktop nor /Escritorio work then it's probably not worth trying the language pack (unless you want it anyway).

I tried making a new alias to Desktop and found that when I went to the alias I ended up in the non-virtual folder, which isn't what I expected to happen. (I was hoping it might be a workaround for you.)

This isn't very useful but out of interest, if you go to My Documents and parent up from there, do you end up in the virtual Desktop? I do, and it's the one folder I know of where parenting takes me to the virtual Desktop rather than the Docs & Settings folder. (I believe the Windows API that Opus uses to get the parent has special handling for the My Documents folder.)

Anyway, with all this said and done, probably the best thing to do is send GPSoft a feature request asking if they can add an option which makes Opus always divert to the virtual Desktop if it is about to navigate to the current user's (or AllUsers's) desktop folder.

Just one other comment from me on this... but zidaninho, are you sure you're typing in the alias 'go' command correctly?

It should be:
Go /desktop

and not :
Go \desktop

I only ask because in all of your posts here you're showing us a backslash, which will not work and will indeed cause an error by trying to go to the root of whichever drive your lister is currently opened to followed by whatever you type after the backslash... i.e. if your lister is opened to a folder on the D: drive, Go \escritorio will result in an attempt to goto D:\escritorio.

So try one last time and make sure to use forward slash (/desktop or /escritorio) for the alias.

Hi again. Yes I used the forward lash / on the command.
Nudel's post gave me an idea. I made the following command:

Go /trash

That way if im on Escritorio\Stuff or any folder like Escritorio... I can go all the way to [b]Escritorio[/b] without ending on \c:\Documents and setting\Username\Escritorio. I also tried this command, but it opens the tree bratch of c:\

Go /mycomputer

I know its more a scam than a patch but it actually works rather well because i work a lot on the Desktop folder. I always move my project folder to the desktop when im working on a project. But ill do like nudel said and send GPsoft a feature request.

Thanks for everything