Navigating to a Shortcut's Destination

I have a shortcut to a file and instead of launching the file, I'd like to immediately jump to that file's location to view other related documents. I'd like to launch a new lister, tab, or navigate to the folder by either pressing a button or an entry in the context menu (preferred).

Is this possible? If so, how?


Try a command like

Go NEWTAB=nofocus,findexisting OPENCONTAINER=target

to open in a new tab (without giving it the focus), or


to open in a new window, or just


to open in the current lister.

I can't remember if these commands will also work outside of Opus (e.g. in the context menu when you right-click a file on the desktop) but if they don't then you can use this small "OpenContainer" program:


I've been able to implement two of these as a new button on my toolbar and modify it to automatically refresh as well.

MUCH Thanks!

Well, it's seems you're all set for handling this ~inside~ Opus...

And if you want to have a right click option for this when actually on the desktop (i.e. not in an Opus lister, since Nucel was right - even using dopusrt, the Go OPENCONTAINER=target command does not work properly from desktop) then you can use Jon's old utility from Nudel's site, paste the following into a blah.REG file, right click on it and select Merge... and that will take care of the desktop.

[code]Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



@="Open Container"

@=""C:\Program Files\opencontainer.exe" "%1""


Notice that opencontainer.exe is called from C:\Program Files\ - put it somewhere else if you'd like, then modify the path in the .reg file... but when run it won't open in a new tab :frowning:.