Navigation lock vs slave tab

I'm concerned about the difference between navigation lock and salve tabs.

I often use DOpus with SFTP sites and have DOpus in dual display. I open local disk in left lister and SFTP site in right lister.
Now, I would like both listers to switch folder simultaneously. To do so, I use navigation lock or slave tabs.

When using slave tab, if listers go out of sync (I usually navigate on local disk as it's faster and expect the other, right, display to follow), the right lister switches to local disk which confuses me and often makes me think local files and those on sftp are the same.

So I turned off slave tabs and turned navigation lock on. Here is what happens that annoys me:

Assume I'm in d:\project\1\2\3\4\5 and //var/www/project/1/2/3/4/5
I select left (local) lister and hit backspace (go up back) eg. 5 times (fast enough so right display won't keep up in refreshing sftp). Left display (local) changes to eg. d:\project but right stays at //var/www/project/1
Note that there's not "out of sync" information. If I now go to d:\project\js in the left, the right display changes properly to //var/www/project/js.
Anyway at some point, it displayed incorrect folder.

Seems like those two modes, although similar, work internally in a bit different way.

They do work differently.

NavLock doesn't work properly with multiple tabs, either.

We may unify them into a single mode with the good bits of both modes in the future, but it's a non-trivial change.

Honestly, I like the idea of slave tabs. It is more flexible and gives more possibilities.
The only thing I dislike about it is what happens when slave tab gets out of sync.

Is anything being done to fix the "slave switches to source folder" problem?

As soon it does so, I press back, or alt-left, and both panes navigate to their respective parent, but
getting the slave tab back to the correct slave location requires extra effort which isn't needed in navlock mode.

Is there an option to have slave takes create folders on the fly to keep up with the master tree?

The NavLock Folder Create script add-in can do this for NavLock (with a couple of limitations, at least in the script's current version), and could probably be adapted to work with linked tabs as well.

NavLock Folder Create: Successfully initialized 'vbscript' engine NavLock Folder Create: Script started successfully NavLock Folder Create: Error at line 108, position 2 NavLock Folder Create: Object doesn't support this property or method: 'DOpus.Create' (0x800a01b6) NavLock Folder Create: Script error - script aborted

Please tell me I'm doing it wrong :confused:?)

Since there is a little amiguity in the script versions..

The script I installed has v1.1 in the comments in the header
NavLock Folder Create.vbs: 2EA849A6634AD25ABC110B7A16393901 (md5)
Directory Opus 11.7

Oh. wait... 11.7.. right.. installing 11.10 now {embarrassed}

Note that the behavior of slave tabs in Opus 12 is now identical to navigation lock (they are basically the same thing now, except navlock always works between the two active tabs).

Additionally navlock is much better at staying in sync (or getting back in sync) than it was in Opus 11.

But, what about 11.19? That's what we're currently up to now in version 11.

You're quoting a post from January. 11.19 did not exist back then.

Oy! And of last year! Sorry. lol