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Need a Button code for formating my pendrive in single click

I want to format my pendrive or SD card with a single click.

It seems unusual to need to format them so often that right-click > Format isn't quick enough.

Is something corrupting them?

You could use the Windows/DOS format command to automate things further from a button, but I would be careful about the possibility that drive letters change and you end up formatting the wrong thing. Is fully-automated formatting really a good idea?

You can also make a button that does the same as right-clicking the drive and choosing Format, showing the Format dialog for a particular drive instead of using the command-line tool, if you want that. That would at least give you a chance to cancel things if something looks wrong or you click the button by mistake.

Thanks leo for good replay. in that case i want to make to button.

  1. this button will format the removable drive in a single click
  2. This will be a right click context menu as you say when i chose that will showing the Format dialog for a particular drive instead of using the command-line tool,
    So please give me the 2 button code. I will be careful about button no 1.

If you just want to right click the drive and click Format to see the Format dialog, that should be built in to Windows and Opus already when right-clicking the drive

I want to format the removable disk in single click.

Use the format command if you want that. But it seems a very strange thing to need. Why do you need to format the same drive so often? What is going wrong with it? Or is the aim to just delete what's on it? There are easier ways to do that.

I use to many SD card and Pendrive. I need to format the SD card and pendrive so much time. and for format a SD card or Pendrive I Need to
1.Right Click on the SD card Drive
2. Click on Format
3. Click on Start
4. Click on Ok
Every time I have to 4 click for format a SD card or Pendrive. I just want to compact All the click in a single click only. Now plz you Tell me what is the Code or What is the easier ways to do That?

Do they always mount as the same drive letter? If not I am not sure there will be an easy way to automate that much more than what you're already doing.

If the drive letter is fixed then you can automate it with the Windows format command.

Yes The Drive Letter is always fixed. Now plz tell me how to do that?

Thanks Leo for helping me.
I use This code for quick format of my K: Drive

format k: /q

But this code open a cmd popup. Then I have to Prees Enter button two times for complete the quick format process. That's not what i want.

I want to Select my K: Drive with mouse left click
Then Click the button.
and The Selected Drive K: will just a quick format.
Is That Possible Dear Leo?
If possible Then plz give me the code.

There may not be a way to do what you want. Opus doesn't have a built-in disk formatter.

Does adding /y to the end of your format command help?

format k: /q /y

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Thanks you so much DesertDwarf. This Tricks works fine for me. Just the cmd prompt takes longer time for format then Right Click context menu

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