Need help, to change filetype icon in the lister

Cant change the icon in my lister(s) only in the filetype options. Please help! (i use v8.1.0.8)

i want to attach a screen shot.. but i get "not allowed" hm..

Change what icon? You mean, change the icon displayed for a particular file type? Then, I think you can only do that from the file type options. Why is that a problem?

Give us more info to work with and we might be able to help you more.


hehe.. a problem? yes.. i like its correct icon on files...
On my movie files it's correct icon. But on my music files..
i use winamp, and i want the winamp logo on the music files... i can send you my screen shot om my "problem"
Please PM me... "attach file" dont work on pictures..?
Sorry for bad english... :\ :confused:

Attach files should now be fixed. You can attach png, jpg or gif files.

Either that or you can host them elsewhere and link them into the post.

Having the wrong icon for certain file types is not a problem with DOpus, it's a problem with windows. Send me the screenshot to chriscrutch [at] gmail [dot] com, and also tell me what version of Winamp you're using.


Actually... what he might be seeing is that if you change the icon for a given file type (in the Dopus file type editor) it doesn't seem to take effect in the lister file display right away. If you go back into 'File Types...' the icon change is still there sure enough; but in testing this out myself I had to first 'exit' Dopus and then restart it before the icon change I made was reflected in the file display.

haze... after changing the icon in 'File Types...' try right clicking on the Dopus system tray icon end choose 'Exit'. This stops the entire Dopus program (process). Then restart Dopus by running it from it's shortcut, open a new lister, and see if your file type icon display is updated. Or just reboot after you making your icon change?



I don't know whether what you said back in October worked for haze, but I just wanted to say it has worked for me. I had closed DOpus but hadn't completely shut it down. Shutting it down was the key. Thanks very much!! :smiley:

Cool mulberryfan - thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile:.