Need help with a license issue

I just got a new laptop to replace my old one. I have a two computer license for Directory Opus. I was surprised today when after installing Directory Opus on the new one, it reverted to the stock program certificate after a while.

This happens if you have Dopus installed on more machines than the license allows. Fair enough, but how can it tell if third computer ISN'T EVEN ON? Do I have to completely uninstall Dopus from my old laptop? I'd be willing to, especially considering I don't use the thing anymore.

I want to understand how this license detection thing works and how I may transfer my license from my old laptop without it reverting back to the stock program certificate.

Also, according to what it says in the license:
"The SOFTWARE may only be installed on the number of machines specified by the program license and associated certificate. Additionally, you may install the SOFTWARE on ONE personal laptop, irrespective of the number of installs allowed by your license. For example, this means that if you have purchased a two install license you may install the SOFTWARE on two computers of ANY type PLUS ONE personal laptop. "

Technically I am legally in the right, since I have a 2-computer license and I have it installed on my new laptop, my old laptop, and my main desktop, since the license allows two computers of any type plus one laptop. What is going on?

I can't think why it would have reverted to the stock cert - there's no reason it should have. Try installing your regular certificate again.

Are you using Zone Alarm? That is known to prevent the certificate from being written in some cases. (See here)