Need help with Opus Please

Hi all, I need some help please, first is there a way to create, (convert or use a plugin) to make my colored images into black and white images.?
Second I have tried nearly everything save Listers, save all Listers folders, files, defaults and others, what I want is when I delete a file or folder with many files or folders in a certain directory, say for instance download folder, when I expand and start going through my folders and files, say l delete one, what l want Opus to do is choose the next file or folder in the list tree, but what Opus does is jump to the root or top of the tree, downloads folder instead of just going to the next folder or file.
Can someone tell me how to fix this PLEASE. Opus Ver, 64bit, Windows 7 64.

Thank you for your time Eagle :smiley:

Please install the latest version ( if you're using Opus 10) and link you account for support.

The upgrade to the latest Ver, has always been the answer. But I have asked this question a few times with the same answer and l have upgraded with still the same problem. I do not see why l have to keep upgrading for something that should work in most versions.

So you think that when bugs are fixed they should magically go back through time to earlier versions as well?

I suspect that Leo suggested the update so that you can see if the bug you perceive persists. It may be something that got fixed a long time ago.

If the bug is genuine and is still there, he may be able to offer suggestions. As it is, trying to guide you through an out-of-date version is a waste of his time, which he donates freely when he should be coding away for the next update .

The version that he suggested you use is a free upgrade to what you have already. Why wouldn't you use it?

Do you install the monthly updates from Microsoft? I do hope so. Like the Opus updates they exist to fix bugs, and, in the case of Microsoft, security issues, that have come up since the last version. Who wouldn't install updates? The clue is in the title.

I used to update everything always to latest Ver like windows until twice it has killed my system and there was no way to fix it other than a nuke. so now l do not update my windows at all except doing service patches to a date. I will update to the latest ver of opus and see if it still does it. I thought it could be something simple that a normal user could answer, I did not expect the coders to do the answering I am sorry for that. but a big thanks for your hard work.

Please link your account as well. Details are in my signature, below.

I feel confident that many members would be at your disposal, after you do as leo has asked of you, twice now. I believe you'll find that unless you link your account to your registration, you'll not get much joy regarding answers, suggestions, or assistance. That's the way it works around here. If you're legit, you'll have all the help you need. If you're not legit, you may as well try another forum.....

I should have added that Opus updates often do more than fix bugs. They also add new features that may have made your task easier.

Personally. I am happy to install updates. Yes, things can go wrong, but I always have recent system images that I can restore. I also use system restore to recover from less dramatic glitches.