Need options to Always hide these

I want to hide File Display Border, Lister Column Header and Folder Tabs even in dual mode, detail mode, and there are more than one tab opened. just want a simple DO's UI under control.

Set folder tabs to display "when needed" and they'll be hidden unless you open multiple tabs on one side.

The file display border cannot be removed entirely but can be made quite small if you set it to static header mode. It would not make sense to remove it entirely as it is the only place you can see the destination path while in dual display mode.

The column header can be hidden in some display modes but not Details or Power. I don't think hiding it would make sense in those modes.

I have another way to view or switch these, so I don't want these be showing.
such as I would like use a pop list to switch folder tabs by keyboard, or a single path field on toolbar to show the path, or shortcut to sort by header.

I think DOpus's excellence lies not only in its powerful functions, but also in providing choices for different habits.