Need some help for a dark theme

After another topic ([url]Loving version 11 but have a suggestion]) I decided that I want to have also a dark theme for my tablet :slight_smile:.

Maybe I have overseen an option, but how can I change the colors marked in the experimental example below?

Those are controlled by Windows. The only way to change them is to hack your system files (not recommended) or to use a skinning app like Windowblinds (I've been running it for years, works great!)

The status bar colors can be configured in Preferences.

Oh, the status bar border may always come from the theme, though. Using the glass status bar may be the only way to override that.

Thanks, so I will change to a "light" dark theme :slight_smile:

Customizing Win by changing the resource-files or using Windowsblinds (which is also a hack :wink:) always ended in unwanted side-effects for me. So if I can't change things with "regular" options, I don't change them (esp. not in a productive environment). The only system-file I "hacked" is notepad.exe :wink:.

@Leo: If I can't change the statusbar and the lister's head, I'll find a compromise, but the inactive toolbar-buttons looks ugly on dark bg and I don't want to turn them off. Maybe a backdrop with a lighter stripe behind the text will solve it, but won't work for all (because everyone has got different fontsizes and textposition). A real dark theme (like Photoshop) is not possible :frowning: !

Any chance to change the textcolor of inactive buttons in near future (and maybe to two other colors mentioned in 1st post)? BTW I can't remember if there's a global option to turn inactive buttons off in the meantime, so please tell me. Thanks!