Need some help for a driver-toolbar

hey.. im a german guy and new here.. my english is very ... äh, bad? perhaps.. i think you will understand me and know, what i mean, but sorry for my "incredimal" writing :wink:

i know opus from the good-old-amiga-day and since any days, i test version 8.x it on a winXP system.. its realy good to do some kind of file-operations with it but its awesome, when i think over, what opus realy can do with the right commands..

so i have some problems but at first, i will create a driver-toolbar.. its easy to add the standart commands but when i creat a tripple button for drive c: and the RMB should show me the properities of the drive ... how can i select the drive to say opus, from what i mean?

i ve read the "Triple Drive Buttons" tutorial, but it say only:
"Note that this MMB function will ONLY work IF files and/or directories are selected. Nothing will happen otherwise."

and i would a recent-list without drive Y:.. in the tutorial he says:
"You could easily add a button or a menu item that did NOT include the C: argument, so you COULD indeed see all recently traversed directories, but for now, we will stick with Recent C:"
but not how ;(

and how do i creat a "clear-exit button" that says opus, to clear the recent-list, empty the trashcan, run in a spezial folder at restart and close the lister?
Go e:
Recent CLEAR
so far, so good.. but how tell i opus to do something with a system-folder like the trashcan?

and at last:
i have the creativ Zen Xtra MP3-Player with can use as a extern drive, but the shell-extension for the windows-explorer dont work with opus.. so i will creat a button to run the explorer and open the system-folder called "nomad explorer"..

can anybody help me?

thank so mutch.. dita

PS: when i simply drag and drop the link from the nomad-explorer into the toolbar the commands opus listenig are:
start in:
C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Startmenü\Programme

I will try to help with at least some of your questions.

To get the properties for the C: drive, try the following for your RMB button.

Name=C: Properties
Tooltip=Get C: drive properties
Func1=Go c:
Func2=Properties LISTER

To show a recent list for only the C: and D: drives use a button like the one below:

Name=Recent C: and D: List
Func1=Recent PATH C: D:

To empty the recycle bin (trashcan?) you can use a button like below:

Name=Empty Recycle Bin
Tooltip=Empty the recycle bin

I do not use the Nomad Explorer but I think someone else here has had the same problem with it. As far as I know, no answer has been found yet.