Need to download version 10.x 64-bit

Hi! I always keep an archive of installers for all the software I have registered, but I have just moved to Windows 10 64-bit, and all my installers are 32-bit, for my old system. Usually this is not a problem, but the 32-bit installer for Directory Opus refuses to install on a 64-bit system. So I came here hoping to download the version I have a license for (v 10) - but the oldest version you make available appears to be 11.

This is locking me out - the installer won't work, even though I have kept it for years just to avoid situations like this, and I cannot download the version I have a license for from your site. Could you please provide me with an installer for v10, 64-bit?

(The latest I version I was using was I am not interested in upgrading to v12 at the moment)

Thank you,

The links provided here seem to still work

@marekj I have a copy of DOpus 10.5.7 64 Bit available. You can download it using this link to my Shared Dropbox folder. DOpus 10.5.7 64 Bit.

@lxp Sorry just realised it wasn't you that was asking. I've amended the user tag above :slight_smile: .

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Thank you kindly!