Need to turn on/off edit for any column

Wish to control the editing of column contents in the Music Format.

:question: Not sure what you mean. Editing the ID3 tags on music files? Changing the columns displayed in the music format? Something else?

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Marcon contacted me via email to explain that he is actually requesting inline rename for mp3 columns, much like inline file renaming.

Hi - this is the email i sent to Tanis ... resubmitting it for the forum .....

I simply need to edit the contents of the data in each column without having to open the property sheet for each row. It's much the same as having the entire directory appear as an excel spreadsheet with each cell maintainable. This is very useful when building a music library in which each column represents a potential key. Thank you ....

Tanis replied: Currently the only way to edit the mp3 tag information is via the mp3
viewer plugin.