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Nero Toolbar (step-by-step tutorial)

Not just a toolbar to download, this includes a special tutorial on how to create a custom toolbar to control Nero Burning Rom CD software directly from within Directory Opus. An excellent example of how to add functionality to your Opus setups!

Author: Gus Wrethman

Hi All, Just new to Directory Opus and I'm amazed to the complexity of what it can truly do compared to the mundane tasks of Windows Explorer.
I've come across your tutorial on how to "Create a Custom Toolbar for Nero" but I don't use Nero anymore, I've been using "Ashampoo v9" which I think is a lot better program and for easier to use. Is there a way to customize DOpus to use Ashampoo 9.

I hope so as this program is a doozy. After my initial trial period runs out I'm definitely purchasing the Full program for sure.

Thanks to anyone that may be able to help me. Cheers, Kev. :smiley:

Depends if Ashampoo has a command-line interface or some other way to automate it (e.g. a scripting interface) which Opus can call.

Last time I looked at Ashampoo, I don't think it had a CLI... or at least Bernard heard from their support team that there was no CLI... Though perhaps it has changed.

Still no reference to a CLI in the help text for Ashampoo BS9.

If they've added one, they are keeping it quiet.

Is the link or material still there? link seems dead or something.
i dont want Nero (in Dopus) but i want to learn :cry:

Don't know when it went missing - maybe a casualty of v10 release "cleanup".

I think there are other "toolbar / button" tutorials that do the job of instructing one on generic toolbar editing, etc... from there - the Nero specific stuff is just that, Nero specific. If you're savvy with batch language, then one concept to get familiar with is substituting alot of what you might otherwise be inclined to have used %1 variables to pass arguments to external apps - with any of the variety of Opus control codes that can be used to pass either selected files/folders (with & without full paths), as well as either current {source or {dest} paths - with options to control various aspects of whats being passed, trailing slashes or not on 'path' variables, extensions or not in filenames, manually or automatically "quoted", etc...

Only mentioning that since doing cool things with toolbars and buttons are basically comprised of a few elements:

  • basic toolbar and button editing
  • getting to know Opus 'functions/commands'
  • getting to know the control codes i just mentioned, how and when to use them
  • things not related to Opus, but rather an external app (command line options, etc) you might be trying to do something useful with from within Opus... (Nero being an example).

In the list of preinstalled toolbars (Dopus10.0.0.2) there is one called "NerOpus". Looks like it is related to burning. Maybe the original link was deleted and then replaced by this built-in toolbar?
EDIT: In Dopus10.0.0.3 the NerOpus toolbar is gone :smiling_imp: