Can I burn multisession disks with NerOpus toolbar?

You'd have to modify one of the existing buttons or make a new one that made use of the NeroCmd.exe --close_session switch. Look at whatever documentation from Nero you can find about this switch - but it looks like what you want based on running NeroCmd.exe /?[quote]--close_session = Close the session, not the whole disc.[/quote]

I was trying to add the close session command for burning CDs but I can not seem to figure out where in the command line to put it. I tried putting it at the end like this and it did not work...

"C:\program files\ahead\Nero\NeroCmd.exe" --real --detect_non_empty_cdrw --no_error_log --recursive --underrun_prot --write --drivename e --iso "{Rs|Enter volume label, 16 chars max.|DopusCD}" {allfilepath$} --close_session

Does anyone know for sure where to insert this?


After --write probably. If you're unsure, run it with no arguments for help.

If nobody here has a quick answer (seems like it should work to me...) I think you're best bet is to head on over to someplace like and ask if --close_session is still a valid flag with whatever Nero version you're using. Just realize that the only parts of the command Opus has anything to do with is just the parts that Opus expands and replaces with things like the selected filenames and volume label... maybe try making sure the --close_session switch is mixed in somewhere with the other switches before the Opus variables?

I tried putting the --close_session several places but to no avail. If anyone is able to get this to work, your input would be greatly appreciated. I will see if I can find out if this is indeed still a valid switch.

Well what version of nero/nerocmd are you using and what is the output of "nerodmcd /?" ?

I've done it 'kind of'.
It's all a little crazy yet, so you'll need to burn some coasters with me to get this right.

I started by making a wild guess.
I eliminated the --underrun_ prot option just to see what might happen.
The first session burned just fine, however I note that the DOS text output seemed a bit different.
I then tried to burn a new session using the Nero GUI.
It allowed it, unlike CDs burned using the --underrun_ prot option, but warned that the previous session would not be readable in explorer.
The GUI indicated that underrun_prot was being used in the new session.
Yep, the old session wasn't readable in explorer.
I thought, surely it's readable in DOpus ! ( joke )
It wasn't. :frowning:

However, the new session was there just fine.
ISO Buster can read both sessions though !
If you don't have ISO Buster, at least download the free version.

I then burned another CD.
This time I burned both sessions using the button minus the --underrun_ prot option.
Same result . :frowning:

Well, let's burn another CD.
This time I'll try adding --import before all other options.
"Invalid Session number to import" :frowning:

Well, let's burn session one without the --underrun_ prot as before.
Then burn session two also without the --underrun_ prot option but with the --import option.

:laughing: :laughing: It works ! :laughing: :laughing:
--import also indicates that it is using the previous Volume Label.
I just used --import. I did not indicate a number.
Oh Yes, Nero 6.


Good find Porc... from the NeroCMDUser.pdf uploaded by robtherr a while ago:

How do I start a multisession disc?
Generally, to start multisession discs, you have to use the parameter --close_session in
NeroCMD. This prevents closing a disc so it can be continued later.
If you continue a multisession disc, this flag is not necessarily required. It depends on
whether or not you still want to keep the disc open.
How do I continue a multisession disc?
To continue a multisession disc, you have to import the previous session that you want to
continue. With NeroCMD you have to add the flag --import to continue a multisession disc.[/quote]
I wasn't aware of any need for a switch such as --import to 'continue' a multi-session disc. Good to know... but I guess this means you need a dual-button button (for start/continue) for burning multi-session discs. I doubt the lack or presence of --underrun_ prot switch makes a difference... but Porc seemed to get an error when trying --import on a new disc (i.e. with no previous sessions to 'import').

Hello Steje,
Really good to hear from you!

I became confused as I was using two different burners.
Thats part of what's weird about optical discs.
If I attempt to make a mutisession CD using --underrun_ prot and no --import:[ul]a)My BenQ DVD writer writes session one fine.
An attempt to create a session two insists the disc is not writable !
I love my BenQ for other reasons.

b)My bland looking Pioneer DVD writer thinks otherwise.
Session two continues with the result that session one is not readable in either DOpus or Explorer.
Session two is readable.
[/ul]Well, there is even more off topic.
Old, Ancient, CD-Rs and such.
Are you quite certain you can still read all of yours?

Quite correct in the end for both DVD writers.