Netwok unavailabe in DO

HI all,
I am using DO on my new laptop via USB key. When I get on the network @ work, windows explorer can see the network but DO cannot.
If I copy and paste a network path to DO, that path is recognized and DO shows the content. Any help or suggestions?

I presume you're talking about the folder tree?

Is Explorer showing the path in its tree after a reboot and before you have ever gone to the path in Explorer?

Hi Leo,
"Network" shows in the explorer tree but only one device is showing now and it is a co-workers laptop. No other devices show. Everything shows in Windows explorer. A reboot had no effect.

see attatched

That does seem odd since the Network folder in Opus is displayed using parts of Explorer (almost exactly the same way that Explorer itself does it).

Have you tried exiting & restarting Opus? Maybe something network related is "stuck" because Opus started enumerating the network before it was ready or something like that.

I tried restarting DO, this did not help. Then I re-exported the 64bit (had 32bit) DO to my key. NOW IT WORKS!
I do not know if the 32/64bit change helped or if just re-exporting took care of the problem. I suspect that the re-export did it.
Now I have a new glitch; only some of my icons are showing up in DO (usb key). Should I make a new post or do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for your help.

Best start a new thread for the icons issue. Please post a screenshot showing both Opus & Explorer for the same icons, when you do.