Network drive lacks checkbox for search content indexing

The attached drive allows full navigation and editing but search is not working correctly and right-click properties show it has no checkbox for indexing contents. The PC hostname changed and I switched from Microsoft login to local login, however another brand of attached drive works fine. Created user on the NAS drive same as the local windows drive but neither shows up in show all search locations when adjusting how windows searches. Strange problem, out of ideas.

This is a Windows / NAS issue, not an Opus one.

The Properties dialog is a part of Windows; Opus's only involvement is to ask Windows to show it when you tell it to. You should see exactly the same things if you do the same from File Explorer.

Indexing is performed by Windows Search, which again is not part of Opus. Opus can query Windows Search and show you the results, but isn't actually involved in the indexing or the search beyond that. (Opus has its own independent Tools > Find Files function in addition to this, but that doesn't use an index.)