Network drive letter not available

Hi everyone,

I have just reinstalled Windows, on my previous install i had local network drive mapped under the I: drive. I exported all my DO settings, and when Windows was finally installed and back up, i re-imported (selecting the Replace All option) my Dopus settings.

Thing is, my network drive is not showing, and when i try to remap it, the drive letter is not available. But i can't find anywhere in settings that Dopus might be stopping me from using it. Normally i would use a different drive letter, but in this case, it has to be I:

Windows is 100% clean and updated and Dopus is the only application i have installed at this time.

Is there a way i can get that letter available again?

Thank you for your help.

Still a mystery how it happened, but i stumbled across a solution should anyone else find the same.

Open regedit (be extremely careful, at your own risk), find


For some reason, my I: drive was listed as a mount point through Explorer. I deleted they key and rebooted and the letter was available again.

Obviously this isnt a problem with Directory Opus, it's a Windows hiccup!

I thought i post this in case someone finds it useful, but don't forget to be very careful when editing the registry.