Network drive listing under Win11

I have a button: Go /network which lists all the computers and devices in our network. It used to work perfectly in Win10, and still does when I used Win11's File Explorer. In DO, however, it lists everything as "network" until I refresh the lister, then it's displayed correctly.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

That folder is handled completely by Windows, and has never been particularly reliable in any version of Windows (going all the way back to Win95), whether in Opus or File Explorer (or anywhere else).

It also uses a per-process cache, so you'll sometimes see different results in different processes, and also need to wait for the listing to be cached/primed the first time it's requested. (We have something planned which may help with that, thinking about it, although it's not directly tied to the Network folder, and is still in development... but it'll mean the list of servers has already been requested in the background before you go to the folder, which could help with what you're seeing.)

Thanks Leo, appreciate the explanation.

I don't suppose there's a 2nd command I could append to what I have within the button to refresh the window/lister instead of me hitting F5?

You could try to add Go REFRESH=all

Thank you! That works perfectly!