Network files not always showing?

this prolly isnt related to directory opus, more so windows itself but ill ask anyway in case anyone knows
basically has anyone ever had a network folder not show all the files that are shared, yet u change the path name from the ip address to computer name or vice versa

usually it displays form the third name/file/folder onwards

also another question, when copying a network folder such as \computer\music\blah\ and u copy the whole folder, containing a few folders, and a few subfolders and sub sub folders, it seems directory opus doesnt like sub sub folders soemtimes, giving the error "The Specified Server cannot perform the requested operation. (58), especially if theres ~'s in the name, but also the depth get's to it. sometimes u can click retry and it works, but it seems fiddly

Differences between server-name and IP Address may be down to permissions since you can map to each as a different user.

The other problem sounds like a server-side issue to me. Is it a Samba server rather than Windows? Maybe the host OS is interpreting the ~ in a certain way?