Network latency issue in 10.0?

I've recently got 10.0, and I have issues with ntework drives:
I have several symlinks and folder shortcuts to network drives that are often disconnected.
DOpus handled them with no problems before, but now with 10.0 whenever I try to access a directory that contains symlink to a disconnected network drive, DOpus hangs for 10-20 seconds. 9.5 never hanged. This is also not a windows problem, as Explorer also does not hang in these cases. I've exported all my settings from 9.5 to 10.0 so I also don't think this would be some weird setting that would pull data from these directories.

What could be the problem? Is there a latency or timeout setting somewhere?

Having anything pointing at a disconnected network drive is a bad idea, since anything that tries to query the item is going to have to wait for a timeout.

Having symlinks to disconnected network drives seems like an especially bad idea. :slight_smile:

Windows provides no way to know if a server is disconnected in advance and the timeout isn't configurable.

You could try using Process Monitor to see what Opus is trying to access, in case it points to an option or feature that can be disabled. e.g. If it's accessing Desktop.ini within the symlink folder then that might explain why Opus 10 does it and Opus 9 doesn't (localized folder names, which can be turned off). My advice is to avoid the situation in the first place, though.