Network performance degradation (Specifically SMB shares) in Windows 10 1803

Firstly let me say this is somewhat related to dopus - being a file manager - but is still present in all others as well so it's hardly dopus' fault.

Ever since MS forced 1803 update on us I've been experiencing severe degradation in operations related to accessing windows network shares (SMB) on my server which hasn't updated yet. It's all the SMB client computer's fault hence 1803. Here I've broken up the affected operations by impact:

Seemingly unaffected

  • Speed of copying large files (to and from server)

Somewhat slower operations:

  • Listing and enumeration of shared folders

Order of magnitude slower:

  • Writing file attributes
  • Moving many files around directories on the same server and same disk in that matter. Example:
    Before 1803: 20 seconds for moving around 5000 files
    After 1803: 30 seconds to move 30 files
  • Speed of copying many small files (to and from server)

I'm wondering if any of you are experiencing anything similar and to what extent.