Network Places Visible in File Explorer but Not Opus


I know getting PCs and NAS devices to show on the network in Win 10 is a hot topic, but I thought I had it figured out

  • Made networks private networks (home network)
  • Set up file and printer sharing
  • Several other settings

But, this is strange.

If I open Window 10 File Explorer and navigate to the "Network", my other PCs and the NAS device show up in the pane and they are completely accessible.

If I open Dopus and navigate to the "Network", the other PCs and the NAS are not visible. Here is a paste of the two apps side by side.

Any thoughts.


All right, this is very strange. I guess this all boils down to f__ing magic.

I closed Dopus using the task manager function of Win10, then re-opened and now the other PC and the NAS device show up in Dopus ...


Network device discovery in Windows has never been fast or reliable, and seems to cache the list of devices per process, meaning different processes may see different things. It's garbage, but part of Windows we have no control over.

If you need to exit or restart Opus, use File > Exit Directory Opus or the similar options in the taskbar and tray icon right-click menus. (More detail and screenshots are in the FAQs.) Don't kill Opus via task manager really need to, or want to corrupt your config.

(Please link your account too.)

Thanks for the tip about using File > Exit Directory Opus. After opening Dopus using the shortcut, if the network devices do not show, then using the File > Exit process seems to do a credible job of refreshing the Network devices and making them available in Dopus.