Network shares crash DOpus 11.16 x86? FIXED

Hope this helps anybody - Initial problem was:

"WinXPSP3, latest DOpus - clicking on 'Network Neighborhood' freezes DOpus. Works in plain Explorer, have disabled BitDefender, never happened before, ftp works fine. Anybody else?"

Solved by reinitialising the workgroup in Windows Network Setup Wizard - somehow the workgroup got renamed (BitDefender??)

Did it freeze Explorer as well?

(If you're still running Windows XP, I hope the network it is on is not connected to the Internet. :slight_smile:)

No, it didn't freeze Explorer. So you reckon it's only a matter of time before my LAN is got at? Simply can't stand Windows post XP, have tried MacOS, even worse. It's why I buy DOpus.

Windows XP, connected to the internet, is a time bomb now. Time to move on. The changes aren't a big deal once you get used to them and software (and the tools used to make software) has already started dropping XP support.