New 60 day evaluation

Good evening,

I please need a new 60 day evaluation license. I only have one computer and the license is expired and will not renew. I did not get a chance to evaluate the software. This was approved by Dr Perry per email. Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your help.

Normally once an extended evaluation has been approved you need to go to our website and request a new eval code.

Good evening Jon,

I requested the evaluation on the site. I only have one computer though. The software shows the license as expired even though I uninstalled and reinstalled the program with the new certificate. Is there a removal utility or a process to reset the license settings to install the new certificate?


Download the new certificate from the website.

When you run Opus and a window appears telling you the old evaluation has expired, the same window has an option to install a new certificate. Use that to install the new certificate you downloaded.

Hi Leo,

I gave that a try. It still gives me the license expired error maybe because the first 60 day eval expired. I only have one computer and Ive already tried uninstall/reinstall. Is there a utility I can run to remove all traces of program from the computer and reinstall or some way to reset?


If you haven't installed the new certificate yet then it's just saying the old one has expired. You have to download and install the new certificate to extend the evaluation period beyond the original 60 days; it won't happen automatically.

There's no need to uninstall or reset anything. You just just need to install the new certificate.

Apologies for not getting into more detail earlier. Here are my steps from the beginning. I appreciate your help

I originally downloaded the software on my computer and registered the free 60 day evaluation under my work email. Then the evaluation expired without me being able to work with it. I registered under my personal email address for a new 60 day evaluation. My personal email address is the account I am using here. I uploaded the new certificate. It did not give me the 60 days, but gave me 30 days. I tried to then uninstall/reinstall the software and upload the new certificate again. It did not work. I emailed where Dr Perry reset my personal account. I failed to mention that the software was originally registered under my work email. I tried again just now to request a new certificate under my personal email. I just got the email with the new certificate. I tried to load it through the software, but I still get the license expired message. I then tried to do a retrieve instead and use the key provided in the email along with my personal email address, but also says 'registration details provided were not valid'. Do you need to reset my work email in your system for me to try and get a new 60 day evaluation certificate for that to retry? Please let me know if I need to setup a support call or chat if you have available.


You'll need to use the email address you originally used. If you told Greg a different email address to the one you used the best thing to do would be to email him again and give him the original email address.

Ok thank you Jon. I'll email him back with that info. Thank you.