New Bookmarks vs forlders names with ":"?

If you have : in favorites folder name, then it will put new bookmark in the wrong newly created folder no matter what. Perhaps the root of the problem is in "C:" and not just ":", but i haven't tested this and just noticed this weird behavior...

For example i have bookmark folders:
rare (C: W:)
rare (C:)

So, when i try to add new bookmark into "SOMENAME" folder DOpus instead will create new "rare (C:" folder at the top of the bookmarks tree and then it will create "SOMENAME" and then put my new bookmarks here.

So the final destination will be
instead of


I can't reproduce any problem so far.

What are the exact steps? How is the favorite being added, via Preferences or from the lister?

From the lister. I will install new DOpus version soon and report back.

Here we go. No changes so far:

Initial state:

Selected bookmark folder:

The result:

It is not like i cant get around of this or i add these bookmarks very often, but a bug is a bug, right? :upside_down_face:

Many thanks!

We've reproduced that, and made a fix for the next update.

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