New codes for {foldercontent} and {foldersize} in info tips

We can add {foldercontent} to display the names of the first few files and sub-folders contained in the folder in info tips.
This is hard coded, so folders are display in 1st line and files in 2nd line.
Also, I cannot pad some info because both lines have "Folder:" and "File:" prefixes.


Can you add additional new codes to display only files or only folders, and another to keep prefixes like...

{foldercontent} : no changes
{foldercontent:1} : only folders
{foldercontent:2} : only files
{foldercontent:1:0} : only folders without prefixes
{foldercontent:2:0} : only files without prefixes

{foldersize} : no changes 
{foldersize:1} : size without prefixes

We'll add this in the next update, thanks for the suggestion.