New Command Line Program / Button in the Downloads/Tools sec

For anyone interested,
there is now a new command line program / button in the Downloads/Tools section of the Dopus Resource Center.

I haven't been able to think of a proper descriptive name for the program, so it's simply called PorcProggy for now.
If anyone has an idea for a better name please let me know.

PorcProggy is a command line program that recreates, in bits and pieces,
part of the parent sourcepath structure in the destpath.
PorcProggy then opens the resultant destpath in the dest lister pane.

PorcProggy does not attempt to recreate the entire recursive structure of this piece of sourcepath structure.
PorcProggy does not recreate any other folders that may exist in the directories of the parent sourcepath structure.
PorcProggy does not copy or move any files.
PorcProggy does not work with FTP sites.

Thanks to Steje who listened to me via email and provided invaluable encouragement.

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Sorry about this:
I inadvertently added newline characters to the button info so that the wordwrap would be more readable in the Doc .
Unfortunately, on my system at least, when I copy and paste that button, it omits the command line arguments that the program needs.

Please check that all of Func2 is present.

Settings -> Customize
and then right click on PorcProggy Button -> Edit -> Advanced
You should see all of :

runmode hide
"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\PorcProggy.exe" {destpath|noterm} {sourcepath|noterm} "{dlgstring|modify path by deleting part to append to dest|{sourcepath|noterm}}"

with runmode hide on one line and everything else on a second line.

Edit note:
After fixing the newlines in my Doc,
not all of the quote Characters properly posted with a paste to a Dopus toolbar .
It is very important that all of the quote characters be there.

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For anyone interested :

I've renamed PorcProggy to PathDup.
I have also rewritten the Doc some,
and have included a PathDup.dop toolbar that should fix the button syntax copying problem.

I'm also posting another Command Line Program / Button Set .
Date.Path.Time Zip is a set of three buttons and a command line program that
first, creates a zipfile named by a dopus {date} control code,
second, adds selected files to that zipfile, and
third, renames the zipfile to reflect the date, current path, and time.

I've sent both to Tanis, so keep looking for them.

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